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Growing Up Brennan

Mar 28, 2015
Chris Kehoe

When Owen Brennan opened the Vieux Carré restaurant in 1946, he created a Louisiana dynasty that today numbers more than a dozen establishments run by multiple members of the Brennan’s clan. On this week’s show, we explore what it’s like to grow up Brennan.

Lally Brennan and Ti Martin share childhood memories and discuss what it’s like to be at the helm of Commander’s Palace today.

Ian McNulty

New Year's Eve may end with a bang, but in New Orleans New Year's Day often begins with a dish.

Ian McNulty

How a fruitful tree by an abandoned house signals one of southeast Louisiana's delicious harvests.

Gumbo in its many varities satisfies more than just a hunger in Louisiana.
Ian McNulty

With a new venue in Congo Square, a young festival showcases the very long roots of gumbo in New Orleans culinary history.