Becoming Number Six
Photo Credit: Second Star Performance Collective

Inside The Arts: Becoming Number Six, Moscow Nights Perform Songs From WWII, Takin' It To The Roots

This week on Inside the Arts, a dark comedy from Second Star Performance Collective, Becoming Number Six, explores the surveillance state, metadata and internet dating. We talk with director Harold Gervais.
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Music Inside Out

The Strange World of Alex McMurray

As noggins in New Orleans go, there is no noggin like that of singer-songwriter Alex McMurray. He’s got more original characters in his head than a Hollywood film library. Why else would McMurray write a song about the man who shot the man who shot Liberty Valance? (Spoiler Alert: John Wayne is in the crosshairs).
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National Science Test Scores Are Out, But What Do They Really Tell Us?

The National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, is called The Nation's Report Card for good reason; the tests are administered the same way year after year, using the same kind of test booklets, to students across the country.That allows researchers and educators to compare student progress over time. NAEP tests serve as a big research project to benchmark academic achievement in subjects like science, math, reading, writing, civics, economics, geography and U.S. history.Science...
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The University of New Orleans has released polling results ahead of the November 8th election. A front-runner has appeared in the crowded U-S Senate race.

Ivy Billiot
American Routes

Each week, American Routes brings you Shortcuts, a sneak peek at the upcoming program. This week, we travel down the bayou to talk to Houma Indian wood carver Ivy Billiot. Host Nick Spitzer spoke with him about his connection to both the natural, and supernatural worlds. To hear the full show, listen on WWNO Saturdays at 7 or at at American

Ian McNulty

In New Orleans, there’s long been a natural order when it comes to enjoying a bit of natural beauty with your dinner and drinks. It was the courtyards of old French Quarter restaurants or a seat by the flaming fountain at Pat O’Brien’s. Watching streetcars rattle past from the porch at the Columns Hotel always qualified, and any balcony was fair game. 

But now the game has changed, and here’s the latest twist: more restaurants and bars are going the full monty, devoting most of their space and much of their business model to the al fresco appeal.

Words and music, this week on Out to Lunch with Peter Ricchiuti.
Alison Moon / It's New Orleans

You might have noticed in some grocery stores or coffee shops that when you go to check out there are a handful of CDs for sale. That impulse purchase spot is one of the few places you can buy CDs these days, now that most of us buy or steal music online.

That might just seem like inevitable technological evolution to you. But what happens when the world changes and you own a record label?

Dan Storper is the founder of Putumayo World Music, a phenomenally successful specialty label that has sold over 30 million CDs.

Hunter Desportes / Flickr

Note: this piece is a work of satire.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’re probably aware that it’s once again election season in America. And if you do happen to live under a rock, I’m kind of envious, because, again, it’s election season in America. Choosing new leaders for our great nation tends to bring out the crazy in just about everyone every four years. 

University Press of Mississippi / University Press of Mississippi

It’s Halloween, and there’s no place better in the world to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve than in the the ghost laden state of Louisiana!

To get you in the spirit, on this week’s show, we tour the cities of the dead, learning tombside all about our dearly departed culinary legends from Sally Asher, author of Stories From the Saint Louis Cemetaries of New Orleans.

Diorama of Lunch Counter Sit-Down Protests - National Civil Rights Museum - Downtown Memphis, Tennessee.
Adam Jones, Ph.D. / wikimedia commons

In this edition of TriPod Xtras, Laine Kaplan-Levenson speaks with Rafat Ali, founder and CEO of Skift, a media company that looks at travel trends.  The two discuss a report his company published about civil rights Tourism in the Deep South.

A new study shows Louisiana ranks in the middle of states reviewed for the gender and racial diversity of its judges. One of the co-authors says there’s still room for improvement.

Bring Your Own Presents: "My VHS Hustle"

Oct 26, 2016
Wall of VHS tapes
August Allen / Flickr

Bring Your Own is a nomadic storytelling series that takes place in unconventional spaces within the New Orleans community. 

This story was told on April 21st, 2016 at the Jazz and Heritage Center, and later produced by Natalie Yahr. The theme of the evening was "(Not) For the Money". Here, Michael Arcos tells of his brief bootlegging career.  

Jesse Hardman

Back in August, just after the historic floods, Louisiana officials expressed concern that proposed federal and state disaster recovery funds might not be enough. With deadlines for flood assistance programs passed, or looming, affected residents are learning the math of getting back on their feet.



Louisiana Eats: Time Travels Through Historic Restaurants

On this week’s show, we’re taking a tour of the iconic restaurants that have made a transformative impact on American cuisine. We begin with acclaimed Yale history professor Paul Freedman, who explores two centuries of historical and cultural changes in his book Ten Restaurants That Changed America. Paul's list weaves together culinary and social history, from the innovators of roadside dining to the vanguards of haute cuisine.
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Harry Shearer

Le Show For The Week Of Oct. 23, 2016

This week on Le Show, Harry Shearer shares The Credibility Gap's Who's on First, Clintonsomething, We're #1, News of Clowns, News of the Olympic Movement, Read the Trades, News of the Atom, The Apologies of the Week, and more!
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