Cleaver & Co.

Out To Lunch
4:37 pm
Thu November 21, 2013

Out To Lunch: Meat 'N Eggs

Tess Monaghan, Peter Ricchiuti and Seth Hamstead.
Credit Grant Morris / It's New Orleans

Good local meat meets local Good Eggs. Seth Hamstead from full-service butcher Cleaver & Co., and Tess Monaghan from online farmer's market Good Eggs, are leading the local revolution back to the future of good, old fashioned, locally grown, seasonal and sustainable food. And they deliver.

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Louisiana Eats!
5:00 am
Sat February 2, 2013

Butchery: From Snout to Tail


This week we'll take an extended look into the meat markets of Louisiana. First, we'll hear from the owners and operators of Cleaver & Co., a new boutique butcher shop in New Orleans. Then, historian Lawrence Powell discusses the consequences of the 1873 U.S. Slaughterhouse Cases, which inadvertently paved the way for Jim Crow laws to be enacted in the 20th Century.

Plus, Poppy spends time with Wynton Marsalis and chats with foodie Betty Fussell.

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