'Women of the Storm' Launches Gulf Restoration Campaign

New Orleans, La. – The project kicked off at the now-empty French Quarter building owned by P and J Oysters. It closed after 134 years because the oil spill closed its oyster beds. Women of the Storm is now trying to help by restoring the Gulf's natural resources.
It started in 2006 by reaching out to lawmakers and inviting them to the region to see first-hand the damage inflicted by Hurricane Katrina. Now it's assembled celebrities appearing on the video called "Be The One." They include Sandra Bullock, Drew Brees, John Goodman, Lenny Kravitz and Leah Chase.

Among the celebrities in the video is political strategist and Louisiana native James Carville.

"The key of it of course is recognizing the fragility and the danger that our coastline is in because if we clean up a marsh one day and the marsh disappears the next we would have done nothing."

The campaign is gathering electronic signatures online at Restore-the-Gulf-dot-com, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to present to Congress.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming