Wienermobile Rolls Into New Orleans For National Hot Dog Day

Jul 25, 2013

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile made a surprise appearance outside the Dat Dog restaurant on Magazine St. this past Tuesday, turning an otherwise mundane National Hot Dog Day into a celebration (at least for this reporter).

Kacee Robbins, one of the operators (drivers? wranglers?) of the Wienermobile said the iconic rolling hot dog’s stop in New Orleans was part of a cross-country road rally pitting the crews of all six Wienermobiles against one-another. Robbins and her partner Stephanie Corte are charged with completing challenges submitted by Oscar Mayer HQ and from fans — for National Hot Dog Day they were attempting to get as many photos of people holding hot dogs in front of the Wienermobile as possible.

“We’re giving America some control of the Wienermobile,” Robbins said.

A reporter’s arrival interrupted Robbins’s and Corte’s lunch (of, surprisingly enough, hot dogs), but they were gracious enough to give us a tour of the vehicle and answer some questions.

Some Wienermobile Facts:

  • Operating Wienermobiles: Six (Two 2009 Models and Four 2012s)
  • Age of the Original Wienermobile: 77
  • Home Base: Madison, WI
  • Training Required to Pilot: 40 Hours at Hot Dog High
  • Number of Wiener Whistles Given to WWNO Reporters: Two

“Somebody downtown told them to come to Dat Dog,” said Colin Provensal, the Kitchen Manager of Dat Dog on Magazine St. “When you get the chance to see it, you have to take that opportunity. Especially since you can’t get one of those whistles otherwise.”

Provensal said a lot of people had been coming into the shop because the Wienermobile was parked outside. “Coming here is only fitting,” he said. “I’m glad they came to a hot dog place on National Hot Dog Day.”