UNO Survey Shows Little Support For David Duke's Senate Bid

Aug 2, 2016

A new survey from the University of New Orleans shows little support for the US Senate campaign of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. 

David Duke announced last month that the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had inspired him to run for the Senate seat being vacated by David Vitter – another Republican.

The party officially denounced Duke. Trump eventually did. But the resurgence of the white supremacist who ran for governor in 1991 against Democratic Governor Edwin Edwards sparked interest from the UNO Survey Research Center. Director Ed Chervenak:

“Like it or not David Duke is a very unique candidate, so we wanted to get a sense of what people thought about him and his candidacy for the US Senate seat," Chervenak said.

It’s not good news for Duke.

An automated 60-second phone survey conducted late last month found 82 percent viewed him unfavorably. Of the 614 respondents statewide, three-quarters declared that they wouldn’t vote for him -- even if he were in a runoff against a Democrat.

“Those negative attitudes hold across all demographic categories in all regions of the state. So it’s pretty much across the board in terms of his unfavorability ratings in the state," he said.

Callers were also given a chance to rate current Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards, who had been dealing with the unrest last month in Baton Rouge. About one-half gave the governor positive marks for his performance in office. Just over one-third judged him negatively and 15 percent had no opinion.