Tips On DIY Cosmetics For Easy, Healthy Beauty

May 28, 2013

You’ve likely heard the expression “beauty is only skin deep”, but with the estimated 11,000 unique chemical ingredients we are exposed to through our personal care products every single day, the results go way deeper than that. 

Though some companies make products that are safe enough to eat, many still include coal tar, formaldehyde and lead acetates, which are known carcinogens and developmental toxins in their recipes. Cosmetics are designed to penetrate, and they do. Scientists have found many common cosmetic ingredients in human tissues, including the hormone disrupting phthalates in urine, preservatives linked to breast cancer called parabens in breast tumor tissue, and persistent fragrance components in human fat.

One way to detoxify your beauty routine is to craft your own from common household items. On June 1,  from 11 a.m. — 1 p.m., the Green Project will host a workshop to help you do just that. To RSVP for the DIY eco body products workshop, email