Taxes and Artichokes

New Orleans, LA – Death and taxes. Isn't that what Benjamin Franklin said we could count on? If terminal tax skeptic and local farmer Timmy Perilloux is to be believed, now we can also count on Louisiana artichokes. Once an artichoke producer of significant girth, Louisiana is rediscovering some of its historical crops. Did you know that artichokes are in the thistle family? If you think about it, it sure explains the "choke" that you have to remove above the heart of the artichoke. You know, it is kinda' thistly. So, here's what Timmy says about his spring crop: Artichokes should be in by tax day. If you're like me, tax day brings on the need for comfort food, butter, and I don't know maybe a sauvignon blanc to serve with St. Charles Parish artichokes. To find out more, log onto wwno dot org. For the Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.