StoryCorps: Margie Vicknair-Pray and Luann Wenthold

May 6, 2010

Margie Vicknair-Pray and Luann Wenthold have been friends for 30 years. That bond became even stronger as Margie helped Luann slog through her Lakeview home after Hurricane Katrina. All was lost. But the struggles to come in weeks and years ahead involved strangers who were unsympathetic. And the insurance companies who fought paying claims for damages.

In this conversation, Margie and Luann remember some tough times, but an unexpected, life-affirming celebration provided by a football team. Luann begins with a special thanks.

ALSO: In this extended version of the conversation, Margie opens the discussion of what happened in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

StoryCorps New Orleans interviews were recorded by StoryCorps, a national project to record and collect stories of everyday people. This excerpt was selected and produced by WWNO producer Eileen Fleming, with support from the WWNO Productions Fund and from Villere & Co., managing the investments of New Orleans' families for almost 100 years. Listen again at or at