Spring is here!

New Orleans, LA – Hi, this is Richard McCarthy with the WWNO Farmers Market Minute
While this winter has blasted us relentlessly, recent conversations with North Shore nurseryman Jim Mizell give me reason to hope. For the past month, my garden has resembled a seaweed garden - with slimy remnants of recent freezes oozing out from where beautiful herbs and flowers once grew. Now is the time to strike confidently in the garden with bedding plants from area farmers markets. One of the major perks for purchasing from local sources is that the bedding plant vendors (or nurserymen) grow their plants from seed in our own climate. After all, how many times have you been disappointed by purchasing a gorgeous plant from a large, out of town operation that's simply not designed for our climate? This won't happen when the bedding plants call Folsom a long drive from home. For information about what plants to plant now, visit wwno.org For the Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.