Spend Election Night With NPR, Wherever You Are

Nov 5, 2012
Originally published on October 31, 2012 4:44 pm

Next Tuesday, as polls close and votes are counted to determine our next president, NPR will have correspondents stationed in 19 locations (including Washington, D.C.) across the country (charted on the map above) to cover key races from Arizona to Indiana to North Dakota. We will be reporting live from both campaigns' headquarters: Ari Shapiro with the Romney Campaign in Boston and Scott Horsely with President Obama's team in Chicago.

It's all part of NPR's live election coverage on Tuesday, November 6, from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m. (Eastern), that concludes months of comprehensive reporting from our Election 2012 team.

From NPR headquarters, two teams of All Things Considered hosts will anchor the extensive broadcast special, with Robert Siegel and Melissa Block kicking off the evening; at midnight, Guy Raz and Audie Cornish will guide coverage until a final call has been made. Throughout the evening NPR's Ron Elving, Mara Liasson, Pam Fessler and Ken Rudin will check in with more than 20 NPR journalists in cities around the United States to cull reports on the presidential and numerous state elections.

NPR.org is the comprehensive hub for election night coverage. Stream the broadcast special live (and free!), follow the results as we live blog them, get reports and analysis, reaction, exit polls, and picture shows.

Be sure to play around with the Swing State Scorecard, an interactive chart of electoral votes firmly or leaning towards both candidates, with 95 up for grabs, letting you discover the various paths to victory as candidates capture swing states.

The coverage continues on facebook.com/NPR and @NPRpolitics with to-the-minute tweets and behind-the-scenes newsroom peeks.

NPR's election coverage will air on NPR Member Stations across the country, streaming free and live at NPR.org, and available on NPR's mobile apps and mobile web.

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