Snooks Eaglin Funeral

New Orleans, LA – New Orleans has given a traditional farewell to guitarist Snooks Eaglin, who died last week at age 72. Correspondent Eileen Fleming has more.

The Howlin Wolf club in New Orleans was jammed with musical stars paying tribute to Snooks Eaglin. Allen Toussaint, Charmaine Neville, Deacon John and others performed as the man considered a musician's musician was remembered.

Mid-City Lanes Rock N Bowl owner John Blanchard spent many late nights with Eaglin, who often headlined.

Allen Toussant said he was around when the legend began about how Snooks got behind the wheel of a car - despite being blinded by glaucoma at the age of one. The others were just too drunk to drive.

The club set aside time for a jam session after the funeral to honor Eaglin and his 50-year career.

For WWNO I'm Eileen Fleming