Shreveport Home Depot employees spearhead improvements at veterans home

Nov 11, 2013

Employees from Shreveport Home Depot stores completed a number of building projects for veterans. They've built a bus shelter adjacent to the Volunteers of America Veterans Transitional Housing Program facility. The employees used their day off Friday to to serve veterans. Jack Parker, a store manager, has worked for Home Depot 21 years. He said he’s been a part of Team Depot volunteerism since he started with the company.

“We do have company values and a company culture. We’re proud of that. This is part of our values, giving back to the community," Parker said, standing in the parking lot directing projects at the VOA veterans home.

On a single day, the volunteers built a bus shelter, added gravel walkways through a garden, put up a tool shed, and painted a veteran’s home. Parker said  the Home Depot Foundation contributed $4,000 in supplies. This is the third year that the Shreveport Home Depot employees have worked on veterans projects through Volunteers of America, according to Parker.

“If I can help them with a garden, build a bus stop, or give them a covered patio, then I can use my talents to help them," Parker said.

A total of 20 Home Depot employees volunteered their time. Nationally, Home Depot Foundation is investing $80 million over five years to nonprofits that work on behalf of veterans’ housing needs.

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