Senator Landrieu Says "No Clear Path" To Deficit Resolution

New Orleans, La. – Senator Landrieu says she's ready to support a plan from anyone that will keep the country solvent and raise the debt ceiling. She was asked if there's a real possibility that the nation will default on its debt.

"I hope not and I don't believe that we will. But it, you know, it - there is not a clear path forward and I'm speaking to you from the Capitol today about noontime and there's no clear path forward. And we have less than, you know, a few days until August 2nd. But we're working as hard as we can and negotiations are under way in literally every facet of this Capitol building and hopefully we can find a way forward."

Senator Landrieu says a successful plan must include raising some revenue, closing loopholes for companies operating in the United States that pay no taxes, cutting spending and reducing some entitlement benefits.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming