Senator Landrieu Says Lawmakers Scrambling To End Shutdown

Oct 8, 2013

Louisiana’s Democratic US Senator Mary Landrieu says talks are under way in the nation’s capital to end the partial government shutdown. Those behind-the-scenes discussions aren’t getting much traction.

Senator Landrieu says lawmakers are holding formal and informal talks to end the shutdown. She says it’s vital that the impasse is broken before the federal government hits the debt ceiling next week and goes into default.

“This is a very dangerous situation for our county," she said. "Not only is the federal government still shut down and many, many millions of businesses being affected because they are suppliers, but this threat of a default on the good faith and credit of the United States is extremely troubling.”  

Landrieu says Louisiana’s oil and gas industry is among those affected by the shutdown.

“I can tell that you there’s no permitting going on. I mean, realize every single well on federal land onshore and offshore have to get permits," she said. "That office — the permit office — is closed. So you’ve got all sorts of repercussions.”

President Obama says he’s willing to negotiate after the shutdown and debt limit threats are off the table.