Senator Landrieu Among Those Banned From Russia

Mar 21, 2014

The Russian government has not released its reason for banning Democratic US Senator Mary Landrieu and eight other officials from the country. But there are at least two possibilities: orphans and energy.

Senator Landrieu has clashed with Russian President Putin’s government in the past for the suspension of an adoption program for orphans. Allegations of abuse were leveled last year against an American family who adopted a Russian child. Landrieu says the accusation should be investigated, rather than the whole program being killed.  

And Landrieu has scheduled hearings for next week on expanding natural gas exports. American natural gas exported from Louisiana would compete with Russian natural gas in the European market.

The travel bans come after President Obama announced sanctions against Russia over its takeover of Crimea in Ukraine. Whatever the reason, Landrieu says she considers it a “badge of honor.”