Sandwich Monday: The Burger King Bacon Sundae

Jun 18, 2012

We sent our new intern MacKenzie to pick up Burger King's new Bacon Sundae, and this is how it went:

MacKenzie: One Bacon Sundae please.

Cashier: You actually WANT one of those?!?

We did. We did want one of those.

Peter Grosz: This is the first time in history that two rights have made a wrong.

Ian: If now they're just making things based on what got mixed up in the dumpster, I can't wait for the Snarling Raccoon Whopper.

Ian: This is disgusting. The only useful thing about this is it's a good way to hide your bacon.

Grosz: Yeah, if you're on a diet and you don't want anyone to know you're eating bacon, just hide it in this healthy ice cream sundae.

Ian: This pig probably regrets thinking, "boy, I hate rolling around in mud and waste. I wish I could roll around in ice cream."

Eva: This is literally pig heaven. This pig is in its afterlife.

Robert: I really admire the researchers at the Royal Burger Academy for continuing to explore previously unknown bacon combinations. I heard they're about to open the first bacon suspension bridge.

Ian: This is a sign the Burger King has gone insane with power.

Grosz: Good news, my people! You shall have bacon. HURRAY! And ice cream. HURRAY! Together. Oh.

Robert: Dipping your spoon in and hitting bacon is just wrong.

Mike: Yeah, it's like drilling for oil and hitting an old graveyard. Now this dessert is haunted.

[The verdict: kind of a split decision. I thought it was totally disgusting, but Mike liked it. Eva at first thought it was disgusting, but then took a second bite, and liked it. So, really, the only thing we've learned here is that Eva is always willing to give you a second chance, even if you're a bacon sundae.]

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