Participate In The New Orleans Listening Post Project

Jul 30, 2013

The Listening Post project seeks to establish a two-way conversation with the citizens of New Orleans through which people can both contribute thoughts and commentary about important issues in their neighborhoods, and also receive news and information important to local communities.

The project is a collaboration between WWNO and Internews, an international non-profit that empowers local media worldwide. 

How does it work?

There are two ways to participate in the Listening Post project.

1. We will be placing three physical listening posts in establishments (businesses/community centers) around Gentilly/Central City/Broad Street. These posts are small, portable, standalone structures that contain a microphone and digital recording device. Each week we will post a specific question that relates back to the neighborhood where the listening post appears. Questions will solicit opinions about jobs, housing, health care, safety, development, and other essential topics. WWNO producers will listen to the recorded answers every week, and share some of the best ones on the radio. Some of the content will also appear on the WWNO website, and be used as materials and research for future news stories

2. We have created a text messaging service as part of the Listening Post that also seeks to connect with local voices by asking questions and sharing information on a weekly basis. Not everybody in New Orleans can go home and find important local information on a computer, but we are confident that most people in the city can engage with a cell phone. With that in mind, we are inviting people to share their cell phone numbers as a way to join the Listening Post, and we will respond with weekly questions related to community issues, and also messages that contain short news stories. They can either respond to our messages by texting back, calling and leaving a message, or by visiting one of the physical listening posts to record an answer.

News and information is an essential resource, just like food, housing and water. The Listening Post is a project that seeks to meet people in person, in their own neighborhoods, and invite them to both consume and contribute information about important issues happening in New Orleans. Our goal is to listen to people and help them get informed about things that matter most in the city.

Looking forward to opening a conversation with you!
— The Listening Post

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