Out To Lunch: The Show Must Go On

May 8, 2014

Peter Ricchiuti, Bryan Bailey and David Skinner.
Credit Grant Morris / It's New Orleans

Now that the Katrina-darkened footlights are back on at the Saenger, the Mahalia Jackson and the Civic, theater is big business in New Orleans. Peter's guests on Out to Lunch are two of the people who brought these theaters back to life and who operate them.

Bryan Bailey is co-owner and Managing Partner of the Civic Theater. David Skinner is General Manager of the Saenger and the Mahalia Jackson theaters.

After millions of dollars worth of renovations,  the Saenger, Mahalia Jackson, and Civic theaters are now hosting a multitude of productions — from touring Broadway plays to rock concerts — and thousands of New Orleanians are discovering them, many for the first time.

David And Bryan tell Peter about the very different routes that got them into the theater business and discuss the common issues they have in encouraging performers to include New Orleans in their touring schedule. In this show we get a glimpse behind the scenes at the business of live theater.