Out To Lunch: Common Sense

Jun 12, 2014

Colin Grussing, Peter Kovacs and Peter Ricchiuti.
Credit Grant Morris / It's New Orleans

Common sense is difficult to define. In business, people with unique and quirky ideas can run into a lot of negativity based on "common sense." Like the guys who decided that, at a time when newspapers are going under all over the country, they're going to launch a brand new daily newspaper in New Orleans. Crazy, right?

That newspaper is The Advocate. Its editor, Peter Kovacs, who was canned by the Times-Picayune in its business realignment to a 3-day-a-week paper, is Peter's guest on this episode of Out to Lunch.

Opening a business is unimaginably difficult. Most people do it once, maybe twice, in a lifetime. Colin Grussing is doing it once a week. Colin's company, 52 Businesses, is launching a new business every week for a year. Common sense has got to tell you, that's crazy. Right?

On Out to Lunch this week, Colin Grussing, Peter Kovacs and Peter Ricchiuti talk about what's smart, what's crazy, when to fold and when to go for it!