Open Face Sandwiches

New Orleans, LA – Are you looking for a simple, fresh lunch idea to assemble with products from the morning market? When is the last time you have eaten an open face sandwich? At my house, we started dreaming up new concoctions for simple summer suppers. Try this: Washington Parish's Windfield Bakery bakes one heck of a chiabatta. Take a slice and cover with minced tomatoes. This time of year, I really like the ones coming out of Tangipahoa Parish. Have you met Pesto Paul? He makes an amazing B Flat leaf basil pesto. Put some dollops of pesto atop the tomatoes and then to finish it off, cover with thinly sliced raw milk Asiago from Rockin' R Dairy. Place under the broiler for five minutes or until browned. Eat with knife and fork. It turns half of a sandwich into a whole meal. For WWNO, this is Richard McCarthy.