A New Restaurant Group = Green Cuisine

Aug 9, 2013

New Orleans is a city that has long been known for its amazing cuisine, but not exactly for being the most green. Our recipe for success is delicious, but lacks some very important: environmentally responsible ingredients. Well, leave it to LifeCity to tweak the recipe.

The newly launched Green Restaurant Group is leading the charge and creating real eco change by adding a pinch of collective buying power and a heaping cup of infrastructure to get more of our local restaurants using biodegradable to go ware and assist them with composting and recycling efforts. After all, taking care of our fragile ecosystem is increasingly necessary, because it’s where all of our amazing local foods come from!

To find out how your restaurant can make every dish greener or to locate dining establishments like the Cake Café and Liberty’s Kitchen who have already implemented these practices, visit mylifecity.com.