New Orleans City Council Delays Decision On Uber Luxury Car Service

Aug 15, 2014

An ice cream truck, out for Uber's ice cream promotion. The ridesharing service has been blocked from entering the New Orleans market.
Credit Malorie Marshall / WWNO

The New Orleans City Council has delayed a decision on allowing luxury limousine service from the cell phone-based company, Uber.

Members decided to revisit the matter at its September 4 meeting.

The company, with support from the mayor’s office, wants to start at least limited service. Uber operates in other cities, where customers book rides from an app.

The limousine service proposed in New Orleans is called Uber Black. The ordinance removes the requirement that limousines be reserved for a minimum of three hours. It would also adjust the rate structure to make shorter trips more practical.

Councilman James Gray proposed  the delay. He predicts the ordinance will ultimately be approved and the service will be allowed.

Taxi companies say it’s unfair because Uber doesn’t have to operate under the same restrictions and standards that they face.