National Survey Finds Support For Federal Funding For Coastal Restoration

New Orleans, LA – The survey commissioned by the America's Wetland Foundation shows overwhelming support around the country for federal leadership and funding for coastal restoration. The figures reflect findings of what Gulf Coast residents said in a similar survey in 2008.
The survey of more than 11-hundred people around the country was conducted by The Kitchens Group of Florida. Pollster Jim Kitchens says he was surprised that 91 percent of respondents backed federal funding of coastal restoration.
"That quite frankly shocked me because we are in a very conservative period in our politics, but people see this as a national problem and a national issue."
Foundation policy adviser Sidney Coffee says the survey didn't find a public fatigue with crisis in the Gulf states, like Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill.
"They are recognizing the value of the region to their lives; the value of the region to the nation. If they weren't recognizing that I really don't think they would be supportive of more federal dollars coming here."
Coffee says the survey taken two weeks ago also shows nearly three-quarters of the respondents say it's possible to have oil drilling in the Gulf and environmental protections. The survey also found 84 percent saying it's up to the federal government to restore and maintain a healthy Mississippi River.
The America's Wetland Foundation is holding a regional meeting in September in Houma.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming