Louisiana's Standardized Test Results Are In

May 27, 2014

The state Department of Education announced LEAP and iLEAP test results for third through eighth graders on Tuesday. And, even though the tests have gotten tougher, overall performance remains the same.

More than 60 percent of New Orleans students scored “basic” or above on the state’s LEAP and iLEAP tests, which is considered average proficiency. That’s the same as they scored last year.

The steady performance comes after the state raised the bar for standardized tests. Students must now recognize a story’s theme, on an English test, in addition to simple grammar and spelling. In math, they are asked to show their work more often.

Louisiana’s one of 45 states that are implementing tougher tests aligned around new standards.

In future years, the bar will be raised even higher. By 2025, students will have to achieve the next performance level in order to pass — called “mastery”. This year, about 27 percent of the state’s students performed at the “mastery” level or above in English, and 25 percent did so in math.

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