Louisiana's Moonshot: An Interview With Environmental Reporter Bob Marshall

Dec 17, 2014

Louisiana's Moon Shot, an interactive article by the Lens and ProPublica

Louisiana’s Moon Shot is the latest coastal feature by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Bob Marshall, of The Lens. The interactive article, a collaboration with ProPublica, focuses on details of the state’s coastal Master Plan.

"This isn't a done deal," Marshall says. "I think the perception of many people is, if we get the $50 billion for this 50-year plan, good, we'll be saved. And that's not the case at all. The scientists and engineers involved in this project know that as well. It's really an historic mission, to steal a phrase from Star Trek, boldly going where no coastal scientists and engineers have ever gone before. And nobody knows if it'll really work."

WWNOs Coastal Reporter Jesse Hardman sat down with Bob Marshall to talk about his piece. Listen here to an extended excerpt from that conversation:

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