Landrieu Requests $100 Million For Charity Hospital

Nov 4, 2013

Mayor Mitch Landrieu applied for $100 million in state construction funds on Friday to redevelop the former Charity Hospital building. Renovating the building would cost around $300 million, and revitalize a moribund stretch of downtown.

It is highly unlikely that Governor Bobby Jindal and state legislators will give Mayor Landrieu the full $100 million next year. He asked for $100 million this year as well. He got $13 million.

Beyond how he would pay for it, Landrieu faces another obstacle with his plan: the judges at the Civil District Court don't want to go to the old Charity building. They want to build their own courthouse at Duncan Plaza, a stone's throw from their current building next to City Hall.

They will need state approval to build it and secure the financing — neither of which are in place yet.