Junk Food Is Bad For You, And Junk Mail Is Bad For The Environment

Jun 2, 2013

Got too much junk in your trunk? Don't think pants size, think all that unsolicited bulk mail that clogs your box each day. And if you think a little junk can’t hurt, we seriously have a badonkadunk of a problem. Here’s junk mail by the numbers:

It is estimated that Americans receive more than 90 million pieces of direct mail advertising each year. And all those pieces of junk add up to more than 41 pounds per person!

More than 100 million trees and over 42% of all timber are destroyed each year to produce it. The energy used to produce and dispose of junk mail exceeds 2.8 million cars. We waste 28 billion gallons of water to produce and recycle all that unwanted mail each year...

And, you lose about 70 hours a year dealing with all that junk mail. If you’d like to trim all that junk mail fat and create a more svelte mailbox (you know you do) contact 41pounds.org.