It's ScuttleButton Time!

May 15, 2012

I'm less concerned about why JPMorgan lost $2 billion on ScuttleButton futures than I am about you solving this week's puzzle.

ScuttleButton, as you know, is the once a week waste of time exercise in which each Monday or Tuesday (whatever) I put up a vertical display of buttons on this site. Your job is to simply take one word (or concept) per button, add 'em up, and, hopefully, you will arrive at a famous name or a familiar expression. (And seriously, by familiar, I mean it's something that more than one person on Earth would recognize.)

For years, a correct answer chosen at random would get his or her name posted in this column, an incredible honor in itself. Now the stakes are even higher. Thanks to the efforts of the folks at Talk of the Nation, that person also hears their name mentioned on the Wednesday show (by me) and receives a Political Junkie t-shirt in the bargain. Is this a great country or what?

You can't use the comments box at the bottom of the page for your answer. Send submission (plus your name and city/state — you won't win without that) to

And, by adding your name to the Political Junkie mailing list, you will be among the first on your block to receive notice about the column and the puzzle. Sign up at Or you can make sure to get an automatic RSS feed whenever a new Junkie post goes up by clicking here.

Good luck!

By the way, I announce the winner on Wednesday's Junkie segment on TOTN. But with a new puzzle up every Monday or Tuesday, depending on my mood, you should get your answer in as soon as possible.

Here are the buttons used and the answer to last week's puzzle:

Change the Scene with Gene — Minnesota Sen. Eugene McCarthy, a strong opponent of the Vietnam War, challenged President Lyndon Johnson for renomination in 1968.

Coe for Governor — Earl Coe lost the 1956 Democratic gubernatorial primary in Washington.

Senator D Huddleston — Where would ScuttleButton be without the perennial use of this button? Huddleston, a Kentucky Democrat, served two terms before losing to Mitch McConnell in 1984.

Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise — An essential condiment.

So, when you combine Scene + Coe + D + Mayo, you may just very well end up with ...

Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican holiday, celebrated on, well, May 5th, that dates back to 1862.

This week's winner, chosen completely at random, is ... Kevin Cross of Baltimore, Md. Kevin gets a TOTN Junkie t-shirt.

Don't forget to check out this week's Political Junkie column, which focuses on President Obama's decision to embrace same-sex marriage. You can read the column here.

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