Gingrich Talks Immigration, Health Care to Louisiana Supporters

Mar 23, 2012

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich told Hispanic supporters in Louisiana that his immigration reform plan would focus on securing borders. Gingrich also agreed with rival Mitt Romney on repealing President Obama’s health care system.

Gingrich spoke at a private home in Kenner ahead of Saturday’s primary, where he outlined his immigration policy.

“I want to modernize the visa program so it is very easy to come here legally to be a tourist, to be in business, to be a student, and then to go — or to visit family for that matter — and then to go back home.” 

He says his first act as president would be repealing the White House health care plan. Romney promised the same to his supporters at a nearby mall earlier in the day. Several polls show Gingrich and Romney trailing Rick Santorum in Louisiana.