Garrett Graves Leaving Position As Coastal Protection And Restoration Authority Chair

Feb 5, 2014

Governor Bobby Jindal announced late yesterday that Garret Graves is leaving his position as chair of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. Graves has held the position for the last six years. Environemental reporter Bob Marshall of the Lens says that Graves' was highly praised for his leadership in re-writing the state's coastal Master Plan in 2012.

When Garret took office, his major goal was to move the Master Plan for the coast forward. And the difference between where that Plan is today and where it was when he took over is night and day. He certainly will be remembered as the director who gave it the energy and focus that it needed to get rolling.

Graves has clashed publicly with some scientists and local fishermen who opposed the river diversions planned for south of New Orleans. He also butted heads with some members of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority — East,  after they filed suit against oil and gas pipeline companies last July.

Governor Bobby Jindal has appointed Graves' chief deputy, Jerome Zeringue, to replace him.