Fla. governor declares emergency, N.O. officials urge precaution as TS Isaac approaches

Aug 26, 2012

MIAMI — Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency as Tropical Storm Isaac approaches the state.

Scott said the goal was to make sure every local, state and federal agency "has the exact same information" on the storm and preparations in order to make informed decisions. He issued the state of emergency Saturday during a media briefing in Broward County.

The state is also focusing on preparations ahead of the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Scott said delegates were being information on how to remain safe during a storm. Officials in the Tampa area were also being kept informed of issues that may occur due to Isaac, such as storm surge and bridge closures.

The tropical storm warning for Isaac was extended north of the Tampa Bay area ahead of the convention.

In New Orleans, city and state officials are closely monitoring the progress of Tropical Storm Isaac as it moves across the Caribbean, and will continue to post updates at http://ready.nola.gov and http://www.gohsep.la.gov/.

Officials are encouraging all citizens to get themselves and their families prepared for a storm at any point during hurricane season by making and reviewing their emergency plan, having up-to-date emergency kits, and knowing how they would evacuate if need be. Citizens can also sign up for emergency alerts from the City of New Orleans, which provide immediate information to citizens via text, call, or email.