Environmental Groups Protest Offshore Drilling, BP

New Orleans, La. – Participants held hands, sang along with a protest song against BP and its oil spill coming ashore 60 miles to the south in the Gulf of Mexico.

Protester Josh Tickell says he's angry at the Obama administration, claiming the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, sparked a stronger response from then-President Richard Nixon.

"I voted for Obama, and it makes me upset, angry and sick to my stomach that a Republican president in 1969 took more initiative, and created the Environmental Protection Agency, passed the Clean Air Act, passed the Clean Water Act. What is our democratic president doing right now?"

He says the $20 billion dollar fund that the administration demanded from BP isn't enough, and all oil companies operating in the Gulf should have to contribute to the clean-up.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans.