'Dry Run' Gives Harbaughs Idea of What to Expect

Jan 31, 2013

Jack and Jackie Harbaugh still don't know where they'll be sitting during the Super Bowl.

They do know where they'll be after the game.

The parents of John and Jim Harbaugh say they'll visit with each of their sons after the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens play in Sunday's Super Bowl. But while their victorious son will be elated and surrounded by well-wishers, the Harbaughs say it will be the son on the losing end who is likely to need his parents more.

At least, that was their experience during their "dry run" last Thanksgiving, when John's Ravens beat Jim's 49ers.

No matter the outcome, Jackie Harbaugh says she and her husband will hug both their sons "and tell them we're proud of them and their team."