BP Oil Disaster 5 Years On: An Interview With Former Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser

Apr 20, 2015

Billy Nungesser, Former Plaquemines Parish President, speaks to locals at Lil Gs diner in Belle Chasse.
Credit Jesse Hardman / WWNO

Billy Nungesser was the President of Plaquemines Parish five years ago when the BP oil disaster happened. Nungesser’s constituency of around 23,000 residents were some of the hardest hit along the Gulf Coast.

For months after the disaster, Nungesser was a constant presence on national television, taking on both industry and government officials over their handling of the spill and cleanup.

Billy Nungesser sat down with WWNO coastal reporter Jesse Hardman at Lil Gs diner in Belle Chasse to reflect on that time, and what’s happened since then. He began by recounting a story of forcing his way into a meeting with President Obama down on Grande Isle.

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