A blossom in hand…

May 19, 2012

I noticed this morning at market a most welcome site: squash blossoms for sale.

I don’t know whether you grow vegetables. I do. Well, let me correct myself: I try to. Mostly, I seem to raise snails. Yes, I too have tried to grow squash. Unfortunately, the squash borers appear to be in cahoots with my snails. They eat them before I can.

SO, here’s the rub. Since winter never showed up this year, all gardeners face more bugs than usual this spring. Follow the farmers’ lead: A squash blossom in hand is worth more than fruit on the bush. Just ask chef Alon Shaya at Domenica. He deep fries blossoms ever so lightly, stuffed with cheese. Or you can roast them in your oven at home. Drizzle olive oil, salt, pepper and stuff with cubes of Bill Ryals’ feta cheese. Delicious!

For the WWNO, this is Richard McCarthy.