Atchafalaya River Basin Suffering Resonates In New Orleans

New Orleans, La. – The ferry from New Orleans to Algiers Point had no trouble over the weekend getting across the high waters of the Mississippi. That was possible because the floodwaters heading south are being funneled down the Atchafalaya through the Morganza Spillway
Several ferry passengers said they have sympathy for residents now evacuating their homes as floodwater approaches.
Miguel Pena lives in Algiers.
"It's sad. I definitely feel bad for the folks in Morgan City. But I think, unfortunately, the city of New Orleans outweighs that of Morgan City."
Corneil Wells of New Orleans, whose home flooded after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, says he's worried about the residents getting out of harm's way.
"Now that's what I'm really concerned about, is them. I'm really concerned about them, because they ain't never went through this before."
He has some advice.
"Stay strong. Stay strong. Don't panic."
Troy Loetzerich of Terrytown says he's hoping evacuees won't be harmed.
"I feel for them. I feel that, though, because of the situation there's no other choice."
The port of New Orleans is expected to continue maritime operations without interruption during the high water, which is predicted to remain for a few weeks.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming.