Eileen Fleming / WWNO

    Louisiana is issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Two New Orleans men have already exchanged vows today.

Mallory Falk / WWNO

Celeste Autin and Alesia LeBoeuf quietly made history this morning as the first same sex couple to receive a marriage certificate in Louisiana. The license was issued in Jefferson Parish. As word got out, a frenzy of media waiting in downtown New Orleans headed across the river in search of other same sex couples hoping to marry.

Around eleven this morning, Earl Benjamin raced from New Orleans to Gretna to apply for a marriage license. His partner, Michael Robinson, was at work - they'd agreed to take turns waiting - but Benjamin wasn't alone.

Housing advocates rally outside the federal building in New Orleans.
Eileen Fleming / WWNO

Housing activists are pressing the federal Housing and Urban Development department to help New Orleans residents return to homes that were damaged after Hurricane Katrina. They staged a protest at the federal building before dropping off a letter outlining their case.

Jason Saul

You don't realize how much you appreciate traffic lights until you have to drive around a city without any. This week on Katrina: The Debris, getting around New Orleans, during and after the storm.


StoryCorps is an oral history project based on the idea that the stories of everyday people are the most important and interesting of all. This week, Kyle Williams talks about “one of the most mortifying moments that anyone can have in their high school career.”

This week on Le Show, Harry Shearer has All In All: Same Sex Edition, Neanderthal Love, Read the Trades,News of the Warm, News of the Godly, News from Outside the Bubble, News of the Olympic Movement, What the Frack, The Apologies of the Week, and more!

Jordi Savall is one of the most famous of early music musicians performing today. He is truly a "Musician Extraordinaire."

Continuum this week presents recordings of some of his expert solo playing on the Renaissance viola da gamba. Also included will be recordings of his early music ensemble, Hesperion XXI performing works of the English Renaissance composer William Lawes.

Thomas Walsh

Sooner or later, we all have to grow up, but exactly what that process entails can vary dramatically. On this week's Louisiana Eats!, we investigate what it means to be an adult and the journey of self-discovery.

Saturday is National HIV Testing Day. Several Walgreens stores in New Orleans and throughout the state are offering free testing.

Sweet Crude. l to r Jonathan Arceneaux, Jack Craft, Alexis Marceaux, Marion Tortorich, Stephen MacDonald, Sam Craft, Skyler Stroup.
Zack Smith

Onstage, they don’t look like a traditional rock ‘n roll band. Sure, the seven members of Sweet Crude are kinda young and kinda scrawny and their clothes suggest a GAP-meets-Garanimals flare.

But they carry no guitars. Five of them play percussion. And yes, there’s a glockenspiel in the mix.

Sweet Crude sounds different too. They produce a sophisticated mixture of rhythm, classical strings, and musical theater that’s highly danceable and even educational. That’s because the band sings in English and Louisiana French – a language they’re learning on the job.