A Muckraker Gets the David Simon Treatment in Treme

Oct 4, 2012
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The new season of David Simon’s HBO series Treme, which started Sunday and runs through Nov. 25, features a new character modeled on A.C. Thompson, the award-winning Bay Area reporter whose exposés of police wrongdoing after Hurricane Katrina shook up New Orleans. Now with the journalism nonprofit ProPublica and working out of the East Bay again after three years in New York, Thompson talks about putting bad cops in jail and spinning drudgery into art.

Source: Modernluxury

Nina Martin | Photo: A.C. Thompson | September 28, 2012 [Note: a shorter version of this interview appears in the October issue] You started reporting on New Orleans in 2007, when you were a freelancer living in SF. How'd you get onto this huge story?

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