Our Fall ~Stealth Drive~ Has Begun

Sep 4, 2015

WWNO's Fall Member Drive Has Begun! But you might not have noticed...

"Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered" have aired as usual, broadcasting all the informative content that keeps you tuned in every day, and yet the Fall Member Drive is in full effect — under the radar!

WWNO 89.9 FM

A lot changes in 10 years. Here at WWNO, we’ve witnessed many transformations since the summer of 2005: we’ve expanded our format, started a local news department, and even won some awards.

None of that would have been possible without the memorable efforts of WWNO’s staff who kept the radio station running after Hurricane Katrina and the floods that followed.

UPDATE: Internet service has been restored to the WWNO studios, and all web streams should be back to normal operation. Reach out to comments@wwno.org if you are having an issue.

A denial of service attack directed at the Louisiana state Internet network has completely shut down the University of New Orleans' connection to the wider Internet.

Anyone can tell a story at The Moth. Including... you?
Jason Saul / WWNO

The Moth is back for April, with a monthly StorySLAM at Café Istanbul, featuring stories by… maybe you? If you want to tell a story at The Moth, or know someone who'd be perfect, see all the details below. Throw your name in the hat or just come to listen!

Come join us for "Fast Lane" on Tuesday, August 11

June 17 Is The Day! WWNO's Flash Drive

Jun 16, 2015

There are many reasons you listen to WWNO and we’d love to hear about them.

WWNO operates on a fiscal calendar that ends on June 30. While that date is finite, our efforts are not. We go on the air the very next day!  Our operating costs click over with the calendar and the stories continue despite any budgetary concerns and each sustaining membership is a nod to our continued success.

Become a sustainer today at any level and let us know why you listen in the comment section of the donation form.

“In newsrooms across the city and, yes, the nation and presumably the world, journalists are staring down blank whiteboards with the headline: Ten-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina,” WWNO News Director Eve Troeh says in the New Yorker. “We are figuring out how often and in which contexts to gracefully add the phrase ‘and the federal levee failures’ without upsetting sentence structure, or whether to simply call everything ‘the flood.’”

Dirty Coast

As the 10th hurricane season begins since the landfall of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, 89.9 WWNO — New Orleans Public Radio is launching a new weekly podcast and radio feature: Katrina: The Debris, stories about what was left behind by the storm and the floods that followed.

Combining archival material with new interviews and long-format feature stories, Katrina: The Debris aims to pick up some of the narrative threads of the storm, and follow them into the present and future.

You can choose to attend the 7 p.m. closing performance on June 28 of BROTHERS FROM THE BOTTOM and attend an after-party with Wendell Pierce with your $375 donation to WWNO's Flash Drive!

You heard them meet and fall in love leading up to Prairie Home Companion’s visit in 2013.  They are back!

Tune in all week and follow the couple as they explore just what it is that makes baby Veronica happy. Their new addition is the topic all week long during Morning Edition. Will baby Veronica ever meet her idol? Find out the answer to that question on Friday!


Please Support WWNO On GiveNOLA Day

Apr 27, 2015

WWNO’s news team has ambitious plans for reporting about New Orleans in this 10th year since Katrina. Your support on May 5 to GiveNOLA goes directly to this kind of coverage. The national audience will be listening — together, let’s make sure they hear our stories!


What is GiveNOLA Day?