American Routes Shortcuts: Sam Moore

Nov 17, 2017
Sam Moore
American Routes

Sam Moore and Dave Prater burned through the late 1960s as the dynamic soul duet singers, famous for their stage moves and harmonies. The late Dave Prater was a Georgia country boy; Sam grew up in Miami. What they shared was an upbringing in gospel music, the sacred foundation for soul that found its way stylistically into their upbeat hits. But it’s also in the voicing of the ballads. Sam tells about meeting Dave and forming soul duo Sam & Dave.

Alex Boyd brings 'blue-eyed' soul to Essence

Jul 8, 2012

He has danced with Debbie Allen, acted alongside Bruce Willis, blended his voice with Patti Labelle's and even dabbled with opera.

But Alex Boyd's true calling has always been classic, old-school soul — despite being one of only a handful of white performers in the genre.

Boyd says he was "over the moon" about his closing night debut performance on Sunday at the Essence Music Festival.