social media

Out to Lunch
1:00 pm
Mon September 3, 2012

Company Social

Peter, with guests Megan Hardgroder and Will Scott.
Grant Morris It's New Orleans

Peter's guests address the philosophical Cartesian conundrum, "I Tweet therefore I am." If your business is not on Twitter or Facebook, do you really exist?

Megan Hardgroder is the founder of Conversations, focused on using social media to make small businesses effective online.

Will Scott is the founder of Search Influence, the largest online marketing firm on the Gulf Coast, working with over 1,000 local businesses.

The Listening Room
11:16 am
Mon April 23, 2012

Intelligence Squared Debate Series

Does the internet poison politics? It's been argued that the rise of 'personalization,' the use of algorithms to filter what you see online, and easy access to the like-minded, have served to reinforce our pre-conceptions.

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The Listening Room
2:46 pm
Tue April 10, 2012

Rosanne Cash: Live from Zone C

Rosanne Cash.

Rosanne Cash and her husband, John Leventhal, invite you into their NYC home (aka "Zone C") for an hour of live music built by audience engagement through social media.

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Andre Perry Commentary
4:27 am
Sat February 7, 2009

Andre Perry on Education - Teachers Online

Dr. Andre Perry discusses whether or not teachers should network with their students online.

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