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Lara Cerri / Flickr

An iconic New Orleans snoball stand — Hansen's Sno-Bliz — will be recognized as an "American classic” at the James Beard Awards on Monday night in New York.
The American Classics award is given to long-running establishments with local character and quality food.

Grant Morris / It's New Orleans

This week on Out to Lunch, we talk with Chris Cuadrado, who is upending the great NOLA tradition of waiting for snoball season — and then waiting on line in the burning heat for a snoball — with his revolutionary Sno-Balls To Go. And David Bergeron joins us as well — he moved into the historic McKenzie's Bakery, where he's making his own history with ice cream store Creole Creamery.

Ian McNulty

Snoballs stands are such a part of the New Orleans scene it’s hard to imagine a time before they were commonplace, but really that time was not so long ago.

Ian McNulty

New Orleans, La.

What is a New Orleans snoball? Why, it's just ice and syrup flavoring, essentially water and sugar. But it's a combination of water and sugar that you can't get anywhere else in the world in just the same way.