4:35 pm
Thu February 13, 2014

Where Y'Eat: Coming In The From The Cold At Kukhnya

The winter colors of hearty Slavic soul food from Kukhnya, inside the music club Siberia.
Ian McNulty

Sochi may be in the spotlight, but our New Orleans food writer has his mind on Siberia — a music club with an edgy look but a surprisingly home-spun kitchen featuring Slavic soul food.

We all like to complain about the weather — or at least it seems we’re prone to do so. But truly, in New Orleans, after the summers we suffer through, it seems profoundly unfair to have to let our faucet drips, see our gardens die, and bundle ourselves up under soaring ceilings in homes designed for the subtropics. In New Orleans, freezing weather is just not cool.

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