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Infectious disease experts at LSU Health Shreveport say the hospital is carrying out practice drills on how to care for an Ebola patient should the situation arise at University Health. Physicians, nurses and medical staff continue to practice using protective gear, according to Dr. John Vanchiere.

Governor Bobby Jindal is ordering every part of state government under his control to start reporting any travel to countries where people might catch the Ebola virus.

He is also ordering restrictions or advisories on those travelers' use of commercial transportation — as well as going to gathering places such as restaurants, grocery stores and theaters — for 21 days after their return.

Jindal's executive order issued yesterday covers public college and university students, faculty and staff as well as all executive branch employees.

An employee at Louisiana State University who trained Liberian police on using protective clothing has been asked to stay off campus for three weeks.

It’s during that time frame when the Ebola virus symptoms could develop.

The Department of Health and Hospitals says it's calling him twice daily for random temperature checks.

Spokeswoman Olivia Watkins says the man knows the virus' symptoms. She says he’s not at risk because he did not have contact with any infected people.

A judge is temporarily blocking the disposal in southwest Louisiana of ash from the incineration of a Texas Ebola victim's belongings.

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell had sought the order. Caldwell's office said state district Judge Robert Downing of Baton Rouge signed it yesterday afternoon.

Linen, bedding and carpet taken from the Dallas apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan first got sick were destroyed Friday at an incinerator in Port Arthur, Texas.

The ash was to be sent to a Calcasieu Parish facility run by Chemical Waste Management of Lake Charles.

Louisiana wants to stop the incinerated belongings of the Texas Ebola victim from being placed in a Calcasieu Parish landfill.

The New Orleans Advocate is reporting that state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell will ask for a temporary restraining order today blocking the plan.

Caldwell said in a news release that “there are too many unknowns.” He says it is “absurd to transport potentially hazardous Ebola waste across state lines."

The Advocate reports the dispute centers on six truckloads of items possibly contaminated by Thomas Duncan when he fell sick.

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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is urging the Obama Administration to block flights coming into the United States from Ebola-stricken countries.

In a statement Friday, Jindal said, "Even countries in Africa have cut back on or stopped accepting flights from countries with Ebola outbreaks."

Jindal's comments come as the U.S. begins treating at least two people diagnosed with the virus after visits to West Africa.

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Governor Bobby Jindal met with emergency management officials Wednesday to discuss Louisiana’s preparedness for a possible Ebola outbreak.

On Tuesday, a man in Dallas became the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States.

The governor said in a statement that state agencies and emergency responders have been working for weeks to prepare public health workers to treat possible cases of Ebola.

Louisiana's legislature passed a law in 2013 prompting all state colleges and universities to go tobacco-free by Aug. 1 of this year. It's been almost two months now since tobacco products have officially been banned on LSU's Baton Rouge campus. 

News reports over the weekend about rape victims in New Orleans being charged for some medical treatments are prompting a leading women’s rights organization to push for change. The group is calling on state health officials to change the rules.

An ailing sailor taken from a vessel docked in New Orleans that stopped in West Africa has been diagnosed with malaria.

The Centers for Disease Control said the ship had stopped in a region where a few cases of the Ebola virus have been reported.

The crew member was taken to West Jefferson Medical Center for treatment. is reporting that one of the ship's crew members fell ill and disembarked in the Bahamas two days ago.

The CDC says he was diagnosed with malaria and later died. An Ebola test reportedly came back negative.