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7:06 am
Tue September 30, 2014

Federal Office Of Management And Budget Director Tours Port of New Orleans

US Senator Mary Landrieu arranged a tour of the Port of New Orleans for Shaun Donovan, now the Director of the Office of Management and Budget.
Credit Eileen Fleming / WWNO

Shaun Donovan became familiar with New Orleans as secretary of Housing and Urban Development for the past five years. Now, he’s looking at the city as the director of the Office of Management and Budget.

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7:00 am
Fri November 15, 2013

Port President Predicts Strong Business Outlook

Port President Gary LaGrange delivers the annual State of the Port address.
Credit Port of New Orleans

A week after telling President Obama what the Port of New Orleans needs to succeed, Port President Gary LaGrange told maritime interests that its future is bright. The port is zeroing in on the White House direction to boost exports.

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7:00 am
Fri November 8, 2013

President Obama Visiting Port Of New Orleans

Cranes at the Port of New Orleans
Jason Saul WWNO

President Obama is heading to New Orleans this morning. He selected the port of New Orleans as the backdrop for a speech on the importance of exports. And others are hoping for moment to discuss other economic issues.

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Tropical Storm Karen
3:07 pm
Fri October 4, 2013

Port Of New Orleans, Carnival Cruise Ships Preparing For Tropical Storm Karen

Cranes and cargo containers at the Port of New Orleans.
Erin Krall WWNO

The Port of New Orleans says workers are preparing for Tropical Storm Karen, but cargo operations are continuing uninterrupted, despite the closure of Southwest Pass at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

However, Carnival Cruise Line ships scheduled to arrive at the port this weekend may be delayed until Monday, the port and the cruise company are saying. Guests aboard the Carnival Elation and the Carnival Conquest are being kept apprised of the storm, and both vessels are said to be sailing a safe distance from the storm.

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7:00 am
Fri August 23, 2013

River Interests Want Deeper Dredging To Accommodate More Vessels

A new economic study released at the Port of New Orleans argues the benefit of deepening the Mississippi River. The numbers come as ports around the country get ready for more business from a major expansion of the Panama Canal.

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Port of New Orleans
7:00 am
Tue April 23, 2013

Port of New Orleans Expects Normal Operations During High Water Levels

The Port of New Orleans.
Erin Krall WWNO

Communities to the north are dealing with flooding from the swollen Mississippi River. But the Port of New Orleans is not expecting any interruption of shipping traffic.

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6:00 am
Mon October 29, 2012

Port On Target For 1 Million Cruise Passengers This Year

The Port of New Orleans and Carnival Cruise Lines hosted a reception for the refurbished Conquest ship now on its first voyage since a major renovation. Port officials are also celebrating substantial jumps in the overall number of cruise passengers.

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9:09 am
Fri September 21, 2012

German shipping company adds Port of New Orleans to Latin American service

A German shipping company has added the Port of New Orleans to a weekly service connecting the city with several Latin American countries.

The port said Thursday that Hamburg Sud will provide the container service through a space charter agreement with Hapag-Lloyd.

The new service will connect New Orleans to ports in the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Brazil.

Port president and CEO Gary LaGrange said in a statement that the new service gives customers better access and more frequent service to Latin American markets.

Hurricane Isaac
4:31 am
Sun September 9, 2012

All bridges operating at Port of New Orleans

Authorities of the Port of New Orleans say all bridges operated in the harbor have returned to service following Hurricane Isaac.

Some phone communication problems were reported at the Florida Avenue Bridge over the Industrial Canal and vessel captains were asked to contact the bridge tender by radio.

Hurricane Isaac
1:13 pm
Wed September 5, 2012

Port of New Orleans back on schedule

Port of New Orleans officials say all terminals are operating on normal schedules as the port gets back to customary routines after Hurricane Isaac.

Since the Mississippi River fully reopened on Sept. 1, port terminal operators have handled 19 ships. Another six are due in port on Wednesday.