Port Fourchon

In December, the forecasted revenue for the LA1 toll-bridge will be less than the bill the state owes that month on the borrowed money it took to build it. Toll revenue is by statute bound to pay off the bonds. If the state defaults on the bridge, it could negatively effect the entire state's credit rating.

The LA1 bridge is the only way to access Port Fourchon and Grande Isle by car. The bridge was built after hurricanes wiped out parts of the unelevated road now called "Old LA1."

Work is expected to begin in spring on construction of a sand dune barrier designed to protect Port Fourchon.

The Courier reports the Greater Lafourche Port Commission has approved a $3 million bid to build about a mile of dunes along the beach.

The dunes will be built up to a height of 10 feet and will be made of a textile tube core filled with slurry to form a solid base that can't be easily washed away by storm surge.

The construction bid was awarded to New Orleans-based Hamp's Construction.

The two-lane stretch of Louisiana Highway 1 that cuts through the marshes of south Lafourche Parish is the only road to Port Fourchon, the oil and gas hub that serves 90 percent of deepwater petroleum operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

When the highway is closed because of high water, as it was for three days during Hurricane Isaac, the industry takes an economic hit.

But, as The Advocate reports, each new storm brings with it the fear that the highway may wash away.