Another undercover video was released by the Center for Medical Progress Tuesday, showing Melissa Farrell, research director with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, in Houston.

“We’re going to potentially be able to have some that will be more or less intact, and some that will not be,” Farrell says in the tape, referring to fetal tissue removed during an abortion.

Governor Bobby Jindal spoke with Fox News about “This woman, talking in barbaric, just brutal terms about these unborn children and their organs. I’m hopeful that folks will wake up and say, ‘Enough’s enough’.”

 Jay Dardenne is urging payback from a couple of fellow Republicans.

“David’s got a lot of money in the super PAC. Bobby’s got a lot of money in super PACs and taxpayers of Louisiana ought not be having to fund those efforts. That’s the point I’m really making,” Dardenne said of his call for David Vitter and Bobby Jindal to reimburse the state of Louisiana.

While the candidates for governor are obviously running against each other, they are also running hard against Bobby Jindal and his record. Speaking to the Louisiana Municipal Association on Friday, all four of the top contenders in the governor’s race endeavored to draw a line of difference between themselves and the current governor.

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Whether it’s a Catholic priest, a Baptist minister, or one of the House members, each day of a legislative session, the House convenes with a Christian prayer. I asked House Clerk Albert “Butch” Speer when was the last time a prayer was something other than Christian?

“I don’t remember any time,” said the man who has served as House Clerk for 32 years.

Much of the reason is that invocations are done on a volunteer basis; members themselves or their pastors.

“The vast majority of the members of the House profess Christianity as their major religious belief, and so that’s what we’re going to end up with--because it’s purely voluntary,” Speer said.

Legislators are learning the importance of parents helping with their child's schooling through the success of the Louisiana Scholarship Program.

Over 90 percent of parents participating in the Louisiana Scholarship program are pleased with their child's scholarship school.

The program helps children from low-income families choose the school that best fits their needs. President of Louisiana Federation for Children Ann Duplessis says the program also benefits students' personal and social lives.