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Governor John Bel Edwards toured the new University Medical Center in New Orleans on Wednesday before launching the start of enrollment in the Medicaid expansion. Officials expect as many as 375,0000 more people will qualify for health care, with about one-third coming from the New Orleans region.

Louisiana's hate-crime protections now cover law enforcement and first responders. Gov. John Bel Edwards signed the legislation on Thursday after it had passed easily in the Republican-controlled Legislature, NPR's Debbie Elliott reports.


The regular session ends in just two weeks, and the Senate Finance Committee is now grappling with the budget sent over from the House. Governor John Bel Edwards expects a difficult two weeks.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards at the rally at the Capitol on Youth Justice Day.
Sarah Hunt / Louisiana Center for Children's Rights

At all levels of government right now, laws about juveniles are rapidly changing. However, some states, including Louisiana, continue to prosecute and sentence juveniles for sentences of life without parole.

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Louisiana State Museums, like the Cabildo and Presbytere in Jackson Square, are feeling the strain from new budget cuts that could jeopardize their operation. To find out how this problem might be solved, NolaVie’s Sharon Litwin spoke with Mark Tullos, the Assistant Secretary for the office of State Museums.

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Governor John Bel Edwards released a new budget proposal on Wednesday, and it includes major cuts to Louisiana's college scholarship program.

The proposed budget - which would go into effect July 1 - slashes TOPS scholarship funding by over 60 percent. It provides only about a third of the nearly $300 million needed to fund the program.