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A day after three police officers were murdered in Baton Rouge, La., presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton denounced that and the recent attacks on police officers in Dallas, Texas.

"This madness has to stop. Watching the news from Baton Rouge yesterday, my heart broke. Not just for those officers and their grieving families, but for all of us," said Clinton before a meeting of African-American leaders at the NAACP's annual convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Following the shooting death of three law enforcement officers Sunday in Baton Rouge, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump blasted President Obama on Twitter and Facebook, saying he has "no clue" how to deal with a country that is a "divided crime scene."

Sunday's shooting follows a deadly officer shooting in Dallas and the death of Alton Sterling, a black man in Baton Rouge, earlier this month.

Harry Shearer

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La. Legislature Ends Special Session

Jun 24, 2016
Advocate columnist Stephanie Grace.
The Advocate

WWNO Morning Edition host Diane Mack speaks with New Orleans Advocate columnist Stephanie Grace about the latest special session that just ended in the Louisiana Legislature.

A coalition formed by clergy and public interest groups wants the state to re-examine the tax breaks it’s granting industry.  The group says local property taxes are being unfairly diverted from schools and law enforcement.

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The third installment of the “Ask the Governor” call-in radio show featured a wide variety of questions from callers. Governor John Bel Edwards was asked about everything from food stamps to marijuana, and the budget was a key topic.