The Advocate is Louisiana’s largest daily print newspaper, based in Baton Rouge. As of last week, it has a new owner.

New Orleans Street Exchange

A new newspaper is being sold on the streets of New Orleans. It highlights the challenges of being homeless, and helps those trying to work their way into homes of their own.

The Advocate ( newspaper says it will expand into the New Orleans market with a specialized print edition.

Richard Manship, president and CEO of Capital City Press, says The Advocate is laying the groundwork to reach into the market following the announcement by The Times-Picayune that the newspaper will reduce publication to three days a week this fall while beefing up its online report.

Manship said The Advocate will add staff to supply this coverage of the area, but did not provide specific numbers.

Erin Krall

New Orleans is set to become the largest metro area in America without a daily newspaper. The award-winning Times-Picayune is laying off half its news staff.

Erin Krall

New Orleans has survived the Civil War, yellow fever, the Depression and a string of spectacular political shenanigans. But its award-winning newspaper – The Times-Picayune – won’t be around to tell readers each day how the city is rebounding from Hurricane Katrina.

Erin Krall / WWNO

The Times-Picayune, New Orleans’ only daily newspaper, is announcing major cutbacks. The Pulitzer Prize-winning paper will be printed only three days a week.